FCA Account Metrics API

Our APIs provide you access to Metro Bank Account Metrics data. Based on the Open Banking technical standards (version 1.0), you will find our APIs easy to use within your own apps. You can view our API documentation even without the developer login

You will need to register some basic details about your company and your apps to access our live API.

At the moment our APIs will provide the detailed account metrics data related to personal accounts and business accounts.

How do they work


Our APIs are exposed as REST APIs using a swagger definition file that includes business account metrics and personal account metrics capabilities. The data provided through the associated APIs relates to the UK only, and is prepared to the data format and security standards as maintained by the Open Banking Implementation Entity (OBIE).

Scope of the APIs


Our Account Metrics API covers the business account metrics data as well as personal account metrics data for use by FCA registered Third Party Providers (TPPs). 

Steps to getting access to our APIs


  1. Before you register - You’re able to view our API documentation before registering an account with us.
  2. Register your account - Before you can access anymore information you’ll need to register. Simply provide us with some basic information, set a password and you'll be able to access our app registration facility.
  3. Register your app - Once you’ve registered an account with us, we’ll need some details on your app(s). On the app registration page, you will fill some basic details about your app and select the api product "FCA Account Metrics API". Once you submit the button, instantly you will get access to our APIs using the auto-generated API keys (client id and client secrets).
  4. Retrieve API Keys: At any point, you can retrieve the API keys (client id and client secrets) by vising My Apps section.
  5. Getting access to the live APIs - Simply use the API keys as basic authentication model to access the APIs. Sample API Schema is defined at our data set page.